We're crowdfunding for an affordable pub, independent music venue, and community centre in Bristol


We are trying to raise enough money to save The Rhubarb Tavern and bring it back as a pub and community hub for Barton Hill & new music & arts venue for Bristol. Thanks to the hard work of locals, the historic Rhubarb Tavern has been saved from developers, and now we want to take it on, fix it up and re-open it for the community.

Our aim is to run the pub as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company and re-open as a real “public house”, not just for drinking but a space the whole community can use - a place for music, community groups, workshops and affordable food as well as all the things we love about pubs.

To make this goal a reality we need your help to raise the money needed to renovate the damaged building and kit out the inside ready for our first pints to be pulled.

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Tara Clerkin Trio share fundraiser to open music pub venue in Bristol

Tara Clerkin and Sunny Paradisos – from Tara Clerkin Trio – are raising funds to secure the future of Bristol pub The Rhubarb Tavern, which is in Barton Hill and was the last remaining pub in the area until it shut in 2020. The building has been saved from developers thanks to efforts from a group of regulars at the pub who started up the “We <3 The Rhubarb Tavern” group, working to get the building protected status. Now, “with their blessing”, Clerkin and Paradisos are hoping to take on the pub, re-opening it as a community space.

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